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At some point in our lives, we’ve all felt like we needed to talk to a psychotherapist. The only question is whether we acted on that need or not. Fortunately, today people are much more aware of the importance and health benefits of psychotherapy, so there are more and more of us who see it as the most precious help we can get when we need it.

What can psychotherapy help with?

Psychotherapy can help you shed a light on your own personal growth. Some clients already know what it is they want to work on, and some don’t. They feel that something is not right, but unsure of what it is. That’s perfectly fine – we are here to help you find and get rid of that pebble in your shoe that doesn’t allow you to walk freely.

The skills you can acquire during the psychotherapy can be of great help in your relationships with others starting from how to take a stand in a particular situation, to setting boundaries and communicating with people who are not easy to communicate with.

Likewise, it can also be useful for you to discover everything that you unconsciously neglect, such as time for yourself, for rest, and for all the things happening inside you.

Psychotherapy is a very useful tool for boosting your self-confidence, especially when you have the feeling that you may not be up to the tasks you have set for yourself. It will give you the wind in your sails and the faith that you can reach your goal.

We are here to make the decision-making easier

For all these things – but also for many more that we have not mentioned here – you can try out psychotherapy. To be more precise, you can come to psychotherapy even if you are not so sure that you need it. If you are in doubt or have any questions about what psychotherapy looks like, you can contact us and ask us anything you are interested in, without any obligation.

It is important for you to know that we – psychotherapists from Synergy – still attend our own psychotherapy sessions. This helps us stay in touch with ourselves and never lose sight of what it feels like to be in your shoes, baring your soul to us.

Methods differ; The end goal is the same

Psychotherapists are regular people too, trained to work with other people and important issues within their inner world. But at the end of the day, we are all human, with all that sets us apart from others. This is why it is important that you “click” with your psychotherapist and that you have the experience that this is the right person who will understand you and be there for you.

Likewise, there are numerous approaches in psychotherapy. They differ in their methods, but the goal of each method is the same – to help people cope more easily with everything that life brings.

In Synergy we have psychotherapists who use different techniques. Here are some of the most important things about them, to get a picture of what you can expect from them.

  • REBT full name Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy seeks to examine the relationship between what we think and what we feel, with a focus on changing how we think, in order to change how we feel and behave in certain situations.
  • SYSTEMIC FAMILY THERAPY this approach always perceives a person as part of a larger unit or system – their family and its entire life context. It is useful for helping to function better with other people, especially when those other people are their family members. You can come to a therapy session with your partner, members of your family, or alone.
  • TRANSACTIONAL ANALYSIS (TA) examines various set of beliefs and behaviors we have unconsciously adopted under the influence of our environment and other people, and to what extent they help us or keep us to be at peace with ourselves. If these patterns aren’t useful to us, TA empowers us to be the writers of our own stories which will have a beneficial and healthy impact on our authentic self.
  • PSYCHOANALYTIC PSYCHOTHERAPY an approach which explores in-depth our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. It is an excellent method for gaining insight into what unconsciously affects our lives. The unconscious is transformed into the conscious, which helps us change the patterns that do us no good.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to decide on any of the psychotherapy methods if you are not clear about the one that suits you best. You can just tell us what you are struggling with and we will direct you to the one that could be most effective in helping you.

Feel free to write us what it is that bothers you or interests you about psychotherapy, without any obligation. We are here to help. 🙂