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Education in business coaching psychology

If you have 60 hours of coaching training behind you and you are already coaching, then this training is great for additionally developing the skills you already have.

More precisely, it is good for expanding your knowledge of the psychological background of coaching. This way, you’ll be more skilled at dealing with resisting clients with whom you feel like you aren’t making any progress. It will also be beneficial if you want to discover additional useful tools that take from psychotherapeutic modalities.

What does this education look like?

Education in Psychology of Business Coaching has 6 modules, 10 hours each – a total of 60 hours.

In the first part of the education, you will revise and broaden your knowledge of psychological concepts in Cognitive Behavioral Coaching, as well as psychoanalytic and existential psychology. After that, we start with supervision, during which you will be able to practice everything we have covered until then.

In the end, when you complete the whole process, you get a certificate recognized by ISCP – the International Association for Coaching Psychology – since this whole education is harmonized with this Association.