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Just as we gladly help individuals to go the distance from “good” to “excellent”, we do the same with companies – or more precisely, the people who work in them.

Our clients were mostly HR and other managers, and team leaders who wanted programs for the development of their people based on psychology. Or clients who need support at some stage of their business, on the same principle – let’s go from “good” to “excellent”.

We also worked with people from the IT industry, who needed development programs based on agile and psychological principles.

Experience tells us that the best results are achieved through these four types of services: tailor made soft skill trainings, assessment inventories, psychological support programs and agile development programs.

Tailor made soft skills trainings

When designing trainings, we always take into account two facts:

  • Some topics are common and important for all organizations. These are questions about how to communicate more efficiently, resolve conflicts constructively, positively influence motivation and create an atmosphere in which everyone will feel good.
  • Not all organizations are the same. They are always unique and special, as are the people who work in them.

That’s why we always design trainings that are tailored to your team’s needs. Together we find everything that is important to cover given the unique needs of a team.

Up to now, we have organized 200 trainings including 300 teams and learnt that the tailor made approach is the best.

Inventory assessment

We use these useful tools when we need to get valuable information about the people on your team, based on which we can design plans for their development. They examine the psychological basis of everything that people bring to the team and provide information that is impossible to obtain in any other way.

Hogan assessment

Hogan is based on the psychology of personality and brings insights into what the strengths and weaknesses of one’s functioning are. It also reveals what a person’s core values ​​are and offers developmental and managerial advice to that person.

To use this tool, it is necessary to have a certificate, in order to properly apply and interpret it. Our team has a certificate, and if you would like to know more about the Hogan assessment, please see our brochure.

360 degree assessment

This type of assessment of someone’s competencies is based on data that we receive from several sources – from the person being assessed, to his or her colleagues and team members.

Based on the obtained data, important development topics of the person undergoing the assessment can be mapped, as well as information on how he/she is progressing, how he/she contributes to the team, what talents he/she has and what he/she needs for further development.

With all this information, a development plan can be made that is tailored to exactly what that person needs.

Psychological support programs

Each team goes through different developmental stages, as well as crises and transformations. That is why, with our psychotherapeutic and business knowledge, we are happy to help teams overcome crises more easily and move on to the next phase of the development.

Our psychological support programs can focus on:

  • Complete teams – through support groups for team members and leaders, taking into account all their current needs
  • Individuals – all those individuals for whom individual work and approach is useful, in order to prevent burnout when they are at risk and provide them with psychological support

Agile development programmes

Whenever something important happens within the organization, we are here to support change through the implementation of agile development programs. And those things that happen can be really serious and big. For example, almost entire year 2020.

Our agile programs include two key work perspectives:

  • support for a specific person within the team and his/her specific developmental and situational needs and
  • understanding and responding to everything that is needed by every person within the organization at a time when great changes are happening.

If you want to do something great for your team – or have any questions about what that might be – feel free to call us on 060 311 09 29 or write to

One of the most important things in creating a coaching culture is to have support in the learning process. We are very pleased to have encountered just that in cooperation with the Synergy Center. Theoretical background, but more importantly - practical work with colleagues in the process of acquiring coaching skills is something we, even to this day, happily talk about with colleagues who have undergone education, and we see the effects through the work, commitment and progress of other colleagues.

Maja Nedučić

HR business partner, Vega IT

I was lucky to meet Mia when I was looking for a coaching education, and now that I have completed my education with her I can confirm that she is a great mentor and coach. If you want to learn more about coaching, if you need someone to help your organization or yourself, I would warmly recommend Mia and her company Synergy! Not only does she possess knowledge and professionalism, but she has the energy to make everything seem easy and achievable!

Zoja Stojković

HR business partner, Noredus

Mia Popić is a trusted partner with whom we cooperate on coaching programs for our employees, as well as on other initiatives that are important to us. The topic of empowering women to start a career in IT is an area in which Mia, with her knowledge and experience, has contributed a lot to the success of the event we organized this year on this topic, called Women Know IT. With her knowledge and experience on the topic of gender equality, Mia significantly contributed to the success of this initiative.

Tamara Letić

HR bussiness partner Microsoft