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Summer school of coaching psychology

SSeptember is a month that we especially love, because it is time for our Summer School of Coaching Psychology and time for bringing together people who combine applied psychology with business.

At our Summer School we invite several experts in their fields to hold workshops and share their practical experiences. Anyone who wants to learn something about psychoanalysis from them is welcome to those workshops. The final impression is always the same – they are thrilled.

Participants like the fact that we cover numerous topics that they can benefit from in their work, but also in life in general, and that they have the opportunity to hear and experience all of that firsthand.

How it all started

We came up with the idea to organize an event like this when we realized that many people engage not only in applied psychology, but also with psychology for the purpose of entertainment, which does not get the attention it deserves. And that’s why we have decided to change that.

In 2018, we organized the Sumer School for the first time as a pilot project, to see if others share our enthusiasm for this idea. It turned out that we have chosen well, and twice the number of participants the following year, in 2019, only confirmed this.

2020 was as it was, so we held the Summer School online, and here you can see what it looked like.

Topics & companies

These are the topics we have dealt with so far at our Summer School:

  • What are the basics of CBC coaching?
  • All you need to know about emotional intelligence
  • Sales & Psychology
  • How to deal with difficult clients?
  • Psychological modalities applicable in coaching
  • Psychology of personal branding
  • Happiness at work
  • Why active listening is important in business?
  • Agile coaching – what, how and why
  • Feedback culture in the organization
  • How to prevent burn out?
  • Psychology of the new normal

And if you are interested from which organizations our lecturers and participants came from, here they are. 🙂

If the Summer School of Coaching Psychology sounds like something useful & fun, we can let you know when the next one starts and what topics it will cover. Just leave us your mail and we’ll write to you as soon as we set the date. 🙂