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Individual and group coaching

Individual coaching entails “one-on-one” personal meetings where the client is encouraged to take actions that will lead towards meeting desired goal. Our philosophy is that one has to take some chances in order to succeed, and therefore we encourage our client after each meeting to take small but significant steps that will pave the way to set goals. Individual coaching is done through the creation of action plan and clear definition of steps that are needed to be taken so that the client is moving toward desired state. Key features of individual coaching are proactivity, creativity and slight risk taking.

Group coaching is done in groups of 6 to 12 attendees. Team leaders usually choose the area in which their team members need improvement, while we design programs having in mind the organizations’s needs.  The goal of group coaching is motivating team members to try new behavior patterns. Key features of group coaching are innovation, engaging group interaction and creation of team spirit.


Purpose of business coaching is to upgrade the quality of operating an organization. Whether we talk about harmonization of a company’s values and the values of an individual, or providing support while overcoming obstacles that are impeding successful business, the key aim of business coaching is advancement of achievements and work efficiency. Business coaching can be done ith individuals or teams, and coaching technique application is directed toward finding a solution that will ensure prosperous implementation of organizational projects and job responsibilities.


Whether we talk about family or love issues, difficulties in balancing between life and career, or facing life changes, life coaching assists clients in exploring ways how to make their life more fulfilled and purposeful. Life coaching is created for people who are willing to actively participate in creating their life and building personal satisfaction and  recognising the need for change, but they do not know how to commence. The coach and the client jointly explore different aspects of the client’s life and target the areas that are prone to changes and where clients inclines toward greater satisfaction. Afterwards they come up with steps that lead the client to attain personal and overall life benefit.


Within Synergy Coaching Center we organize trainings, seminars and counseling for coaching professionals through supervision of their coaching practice. Relying on our own experience in the area of psychotherapy and coaching, we offer to our colleagues many professional trainings as we would like to be supportive in their professional development.


Development programs

Development programs are based on coaching methodology in the area of problem solving that is targeting long term company objectives, whether they are pertaining to strategic development of the company, enhancement of leadership skills of managers or work and personal skills of employees. Development programs are done in three phases: preparation, training/consulting/coaching, evaluation. Preparation phase entails: defining objectives of a business and identifying problems through realization of consulting meetings with managers, as well as surveying employees. Second phase is realization of training or coaching/consulting programs “tailored” to the outcomes of the preparation phase. Development programs are designed to assist employees in becoming aware of existing both personal and professional obstacle that is interfering with more effective work. Our coaches make sure to provide practical solutions, implement and evaluate selected strategies that are the key to work advancement. Third phase is program evaluation that is done in accordance with quarterly, biannual and annual plan, through measuring previously clearly defined parameters of effectiveness.

Development programs are intended for companies that recognize the values of investing into improvement of its employees as they are aware that by encouraging employee’s satisfaction they also increase their productivity and hence the company profit will rocket.


In accordance with our client’s needs we design creative activities within team building itself that are intended not only to increase personal satisfaction of employees at work, but also develop social and leadership skills. We are striving to develop team building programs that will ensure group cohesion, initiative and readiness to change. We are convinced that work productivity is based on satisfaction in work environment, and therefore we are dedicated to designing team building programs that will contribute to creating positive atmosphere in a company.

The analysis of organizational culture

Organizational culture is an important determinant of success of an organization. It presents “social glue” that unites the organization. It refers to values that are understood, basic assumptions and expectations. The culture answers the question HOW ARE THE THINGS DONE HERE; being such, it affects the employees’ way of thinking, how they feel and behave.

Organizational culture is a set of ethical, social and behavioral norms of an organization that are based on beliefs, attitudes and priorities of its members. Being such, it can be not only significant determinant of a company’s prosper, but also the key factor to issues such  as bad working atmosphere, lack of workers motivation, low productivity, interpersonal conflict in a team, etc.

In order to have a successful organization, it is extremely important that its managers are aware of not only the values that are fostered at the organization’s level, but also the mission and direction the company should follow. Even more important is to express these values explicitly in accordance with personal values of employees. In other words, if employees do not recognize personal satisfaction in their work, which is the result of harmonized values of the employee and the organization, it is unlikely that he or she will be motivated and productive.

Our consulting programs offer managers the possibility of analysis of current organizational culture through contemporary and reliable instruments thanks to which company’s values, norms and behavior patterns are determined. In that way the cause of certain problems that are occurring at the company level is detected.  By analyzing desired organizational culture, the distance between current and desired state is determined and then we design programs that will enable enhancement of organizational culture that will result in both increased employees’ satisfaction and work productivity, and thus bigger profit at the organization’s level.